Offering completely transformed Hand Blown, Up-cycled and re-purposed one of a kind works of glass art and fully functional lighting. 

                       (WHOLESALE AVAILABLE)

Contact us at or call (916) 234-3655 for more information.
-VASES- (click images bellow )

Hand Blown Grey Goose Vodka Vase

$ 44.99 USD

100% handblown Grey Goose Vodke bottle hand blown and transformed into a signed, one of a kind art piece.

Hand Blown Acre Wine Bottle Vase Signed and limited

$ 60 USD

This is a hand blown one of a kind piece of art.  Made from the amazing Acre Wine bottle. 

   A perfect gift for any wine lover or art collector!

(SOLD) Hand Blown Lady in Red Vase Kestral Winery

$ 60 USD

This is a hand blown up-cycled Lady in Red bottle that has been transformed into this signed one of a kind art piece.

Hand Blown Jagermeister Vase

$ 35 USD

Hand Blown Jager Vase......

Hand Blown Irish Vineyards Bottle Vase Pog-Mo-Thoin

$ 60 USD

Signed and Hand blown Irish Vineyards bottle vase....

Hand Blown Recycled Bottle Glass

Our one of a kind pieces start off as an original bottle and are completely transformed using traditional Venetian glassblowing techniques.   Each piece endures the 5000 Degree flames and the battle of gravity to complete its journey into what you seeAll pieces are signed and l and uniquely capture the fluid movement wonderful effects only blown glass can art create!  There is limited production due to their hand made nature and limited bottle supplies.

About the artist

Artist Bradley Axelrod started his artistic journey as an artist to make the world a more beautiful place.  In this pursuit  he chose glass, or as he says, glass chose HIM.

Early in his education  he moved to Seattle and was chosen to study at Pilchuck Glass School (Chihuly's school) 

Inspiration behind the work

While studying glass and learning to express his artistic voice the importance of a conceptual idea as well as  self expression

 Along with making a difference and bringing awareness to the importance of conservation, these vessels as a symbol of empowerment for how we can transform ourselves and the world around us.


Pair of 12 Oz Hand Blown Arrogant Bastard Glasses

$ 35.00 USD

Hand Blown Oaked Arrogant Bastard Glasses.  Made with real skill...nut just cut on a machine. (without sounding arrogant)


Hand Blown Stone Brewery Bottle Glass Large 22 Oz Pint Style

$ 25 USD

Hand Blown Large 22 Oz Stone Brewery Glass.  Pint style.....makes a perfect drinking glass!

Hand Blown Straffe Hendrik Bottle Vase Flared Man on the moon

$ 50 USD

Hand Blown Straffe Hendrik Bottle vase with amazing man in the moon.

Hand Blown Coronado Brewing Company Glass Idiot IPA (12 oz)

$ 15 USD

Hand Blown Idiot IPA glass. made from 12 Oz bottle

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